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Cannaliz is a Swiss brand active since 2013 in the field of CBD, providing customers with high quality oils and E-liquids.

Their objective is to develop cannabis products, rich in CBD and legal because they are poor in THC.

They are very careful to produce high quality extracts and flowers. They choose naturally grown hemp to produce products of the highest possible quality and are constantly developing new flowers and extracts with a variety of essential oil profiles, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other hemp molecules, all of which have distinctive properties.

In their extraction laboratories, they themselves extract essential oils from hemp and cannabis, using methods that allow the majority of the active components to be recovered in the best possible way. They carry out a total extraction (Full Spectrum), aiming to provide all the molecules necessary for an entourage effect.

Dans leurs laboratoires d'extraction, ils extraient eux-mêmes des huiles essentielles de chanvre et de cannabis, en s’inspirant des méthodes qui permettent de récupérer au mieux la majorité des composants actifs. Ils effectuent une extraction totale (Full Spectrum), visant à fournir toutes les molécules nécessaires à un effet d'entourage.

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